Ph.D. Students

Jiafeng Ye

ISE Ph.D. student joined in Fall 2019
Data Analytics In-situ process monitoring, process optimization, Additive Manufacturing
MS, Engineering Management, The George Washington University
BS, Automobile Engineering
, Tongji University, China

Anyi Li

ISE Ph.D. student joined in Fall 2020
Data analysis, image processing,
Optimization, Quality Control,
Operation System
BS, Automation, Nanchang University, China

Shehzaib Irfan

ISE Ph.D. student joined in Fall 2021
Data Analysis, Optimization, Finite Element Modelling, Additive Manufacturing
MS and BS, Aerospace Engineering
, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Tianyu Gao

ISE M.S. student
Data Analysis, CAD, Additive Manufacturing
BS, Mechanical Engineering
, Auburn University, USA

Qais Qasaimeh

ISE Ph.D. student joined in Fall 2021
Data analytics of lead-free solder processes in the electronics manufacturing field
MS, Nuclear Engineering
, National Research Nuclear University (MEPHI) in Moscow, Russia

BS, Electrical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan